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13 images that everyone who’s crazy about dogs will understand

Most people love dogs and some can’t imagine their life without them. There’s nothing strange about this — you only have to look at one of our four-legged friends to understand their charm.

Whether you own one yourself or your friends do, everyone who loves their dog will understand the following images.

Me every time I see a dog

Some people have a phone full of selfies, I have this:

You can easily guess which Snapchat filter is my favorite

My reaction when I learn that my friend finally got a dog and I can go pay him a visit

What I do when the dog needs me but I’m busy at work

My expression when someone lets me pet their dog

Nothing can stop me when there’s a dog nearby that I can pet

What happens when I accidentally step on a dog’s paw

What happens if I hear there’s a law that might infringe on dogs’ rights

My expression when I hear that someone doesn’t love dogs

How I feel if a dog dies in a film

If you ask me how I see myself in ten years, this will be my answer:

Because for me, true happiness looks like this:

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